Mind And Money

Thinking and Deciding – Fast and Slow

For delving more deeply into thinking and decision making and where error and bias vulnerability lies, I found Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking Fast and Slow an excellent guide. As I explore his work, it is as if the mind is seeing itself in a mirror. You may find as you read this you see your own decision making processes. At the core, ...Read More

Dec 30, 2019
The Mind’s Perspectives

Perceiving Waiting for a signal at a busy city cross-walk, a cluster of pedestrians gather. Each is experiencing personal and private streaming of perceptions, sensations, and thoughts in their minds. My mind: “I’m feeling chilly…that’s a cool dog over there…wonder if it’ll rain…I’m running a bit late…”. We ...Read More

Oct 28, 2019
Mind, Money, and Life

As long as I can remember the mind has been a subject of great fascination—and wonder. This blog expresses my life’s interests and quests. I offer it to benefit others in creating greater harmony and understanding of the power and appreciation of the mind in our lives, and more specifically, in our experience of money. As an engineering stud...Read More

Sep 12, 2019