Retirement Planning

Our Retirement Planning Process

Retirement planning is the most crucial element in every comprehensive plan—it identifies sources of income when we are no longer working. Planning mitigates the risk of the unknowns like longevity and our unfolding future. Knowing that your lifestyle will be supported throughout your life creates confidence.


Early Planning for Retirement:

  • Are your saving adequately to provide income throughout your retirement years at a satisfactory lifestyle?
  • Are you optimizing savings between tax-deferred and after-tax assets?
  • Do you have a debt reduction plan?

Approaching Retirement:

  • Will your assets cover living expenses for the decades ahead?
  • Are you —
    • optimizing Social Security claiming?
    • minimizing the impact of taxation?
    • clear on pension decisions and survivorship?
    • navigating health care costs in the coming decades?
    • factoring in inflation?
    • satisfied with survivorship plans?
    • Do you have a strategy for drawing income for monthly expenses?
    • Is your investment risk appropriate – now and well into the future?

In Retirement:

  • Will your assets cover your longevity and inflation?
  • Are you satisfied with the risk in your investments?
  • Are you reassessing your health care coverage?
  • Have you reviewed and updated your estate planning?